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5 Simple Steps to an Effective ROUTINE Strategy

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

This week I want you to think about your routine and how to make it more effortless & effective...

We hear entrepreneurs talk about their routines all the time, but is there really something to it?

Let's find out.

First of all, everyone has a routine. Whether or not this routine is beneficial in maximizing your efforts, you have one, nonetheless.

With that said, let's discover how you can improve your routine in 5 simple steps:

1. Day 1: Wake up and go about your day as you normally would. BUT, write down everything you do and when you do it. Now, this isn't meant to make you feel bad about yourself, I promise. It's to catalogue what you're doing, when you're doing it, and then analyzing it at the end of the day.

2. Day 2: Wake up and take a look at your notes from yesterday. Is there anything you want to change? Perhaps the TIME you woke up. Now, this doesn't mean you need to wake up at 4 am... But having a solid start to your day can truly create some awesome results. Did you eat breakfast? Was it something that helped fuel you for the day? Did you create and/or review your to-do list for the day? Did you complete some or all of the tasks you needed to do? What time are you settling down at night and getting into bed? What should I do tomorrow? These are the type of questions to ask yourself.

3. Day 3: Wake up and start implementing some of the changes that need to be made. Emphasis on SOME. If you try to change your entire life and routine overnight, chances are you'll burn yourself out and not be successful. So, on Day 3, start trying some new things... Wake up at a specific time you set for yourself, follow that new schedule you made/or are making, cross off some stuff from your to-do list, etc.

4. Day 4: Wake up and analyze how your day went yesterday. Did you get a lot done? Were you tired from waking up a little earlier? Did you visit your to-do list? Blah, blah, blah. But most importantly, how do you FEEL?

5. Day 5: Wake up and keep going! You started this for a reason, right? So keep it up. Make little changes here and there to create the routine that works for you. The goal should be to make your routine a habit - something you really don't even have to think about. It should further propel you toward your desired end result, whatever that may be.

So, I encourage you to try it out! There's no harm in improving the routine that you already have! By making small changes over the next few weeks, you'll start to see the benefits, trust me!

Something to think about...

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