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How excellent copywriting will transform your business

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

This week I want you to think about copywriting, and if your copy engages and excites your followers...

1. Research, research & more research - Did I mention you need to do some research before sharing information with your readers? Don't do them (or yourself) a disservice by giving them the wrong info. You'll not only be misleading them, but also discrediting yourself, your writing and your expertise.

2. Interest - This one is simple... Write something interesting! Share content that people actually want to know about.

3. Personality - Don't be afraid to show off a little bit of that award-winning personality you've got in your writing. People like real people. Especially if you're running a business - they want to know the person they're working with isn't a business robot.

4. A killer headline - This right here is probably the most important thing on this entire list... If people aren't engaged by your headline - if they won't even finish reading your headline, you can be damn sure they're not going to continue reading. Your headline should be clear, engaging, and provide interest to your readers.

5. Keep it simple - Keep your content relevant, your words concise, and your length short. People are busy - they want to look at a few bullet points, gain the information they were seeking, and move on about their day. It's that SIMPLE.

6. What does your audience want? - Referring back to #1 - research. Who is your target audience, what do they want to know? What do you have to offer that will give them what they're looking for?

7. Everyone loves a good story - A great way to get a point across is through a good story. It doesn't need to be a novel, but something that will engage your reader by taking them to another place, while sharing important content with them. This method is tried and true, and for good reason!

8. Does anyone even want to look at this? - In other words, make it visually appealing. People have WAY too many things popping up in their face every day. What makes you think they're going to click on YOUR content? Well, coming back to knowing your target audience... what do they want to see?

9. Everything you write must have a purpose - Don't waste your readers' time. As I always say, time is your most valuable resource, so don't assume it's not everyone else's.

10. Make sure what you're making them read will benefit them - This blog post, for example - do you feel you've benefited? I'm guessing (hoping) that you have! It all comes down to your intent, content, and delivery.

Happy writing!

Something to think about...

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