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How to be more productive

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

This week I want you to think about how you can become more productive...

I'm gonna guess you're reading this because you're a procrastinator, at least to some degree. Welcome to the support group.

This week I'm going to share some #tipsandtricks so YOU can get on top of your game and be productive. You know I like to keep it short & sweet, so let's get started!

1. Create a schedule and STICK TO IT - I can't stress this enough. We all know that "time is money," so start looking at your schedule as dollar signs $$$ and I promise you'll start getting a lot more done.

2. Create a to-do list - This is what gets applied to your daily schedule. Create a list of everything you manage, from prepping for your big presentation to getting your laundry done.

3. Prioritize - Having a list of stuff that needs to get done is great (and 100% necessary), but the next part of the two-step process is prioritizing those tasks. Don't get lost in your email for an entire hour when you've scheduled yourself to get that proposal you promised over to your client. Priorities.

4. Set goals - What do you want/need to get done? It's simple, really. Look at that to-do list I told you to write, and then DO IT. And if you can't do it now, schedule time in the near future to get it done. This is why you keep a schedule, so you have no excuse as to why it didn't get done when you specifically set aside time to do it.

5. Focus - Take a few minutes (right now if you want) and think about all the things around you that distract you. Now get rid of them. And no, I don't mean throw it away (well, maybe), but do yourself a favor and eliminate those distractions so you can focus. It can be anything from background noises, to phone alerts, to obsessively checking your email.

And hey, if you need any help, I do this for a living ;) so reach out and we can collaborate together.

Something to think about...

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